Su Grierson

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Su Grierson


We generally go into woodland to experience and observe the natural world. Often in public spaces there are labels and signage to give us information . This project reverses that order. Employing the labelling system normally used to carry plant  identification in botanic gardens, the artist has replaced the expected information with suggestions and texts that make us aware of our own position as observers.


The texts refer to the feelings, fears, thoughts and attention that we might have as we stand in that place with those plants. By changing what is expected, this series of texts encourage the viewers to think about the  human condition and the experience of being there  as they walk through the varied woodland.


Su Grierson is a visual artist who uses video, image, sound, and installation to present land and landscape from non-traditional perspectives. Exhibiting in Scotland and abroad, her work stimulates understanding and awareness of the land. She is involved in developing contemporary art and supporting artists  living outside of the urban centres.  


She is a graduate from Dundee and Glasgow Schools of Art, is Chair of Perthshire Visual Arts Forum and a board member of Perthshire Public Arts Trust





Interventions 2009

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