Scott Laverie

The design originates from research into early architectural theory and in particular the concept of the Primitive Hut. The ‘Hut’ is a piece of architectural conjecture relating to the first house built by human hands. My interest in appropriating this image is partly due to my fascination for the dubious historical grounds from which the form originates. Essentially I wish to fabricate a monumental construction that appears to idolise the improbable assumptions ancient theorists made to create an archetype for the Grecian Doric Marble Temple.




Forthcoming: Group show, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast, September 2009


Recent: Solo show, To Work, Yonder Sounds the Gong, Gallarie Metro, Berlin, Nov/ Dec 2008


Temporary/ Permanent Public Site specific works:


Yurta, Scottish Book Trust Garden, August 2006


For Amelia, Glasgow Airport, 2007





Interventions 2009