Rob Mulholland


Interventions 2009


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The essence of who we are as individuals in relationship to others and our given environment forms a strong aspect of my artistic practise.


In Vestige I wanted to explore this relationship further by creating a group, a community within the protective elements of the woods, reflecting  the past inhabitants of the space. It echoes our own sense of time and substance. It's a human desire to leave a trace of oneself, to project our views and culture for future generations. It's a driving force to create and leave a semblance of who we are as individuals.

The figures not only absorb their environment, they create a notion of non - space, a link with the natural forces that bind us both as individuals and as a society.


Rob Mulholland is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. Recent commissions include; Coast Festival Banff 2009, The Loch Ard Sculpture Trail, Aberfoyle 2008

Looking at you, looking at me, Glasgow 2008. Awards. Scottish Arts Council Artist Award 2008.