Diane Maclean

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"Many of my sculptures  react to wind, light, heat or water movement, either directly, or through computers capturing data from the weather.  The  polished aluminium blades of  'Wind Instrument' are always in motion, turning in the wind and swinging against each other to create a gentle musical sound.






Interventions 2009

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SSA (Society of Scottish Artists) Annual Exhibition, Vision Building, Dundee till19 June 2009

Promenade, sculpture exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge till Jan 2010

Celebration of British Sculpture 2009, at Richard Attenborough Centre, University of Leicester, June 27 till end September 2009?


New commissions in progress:

Sculpture for South Leicestershire College

Clock sculpture for Sacriston, County Durham

Suspended sculpture for children's activity centre in Damascus

Wind Instrument