Anna Perch Nielsen

My work is primarily an investigation of space. Growing up in the North of Scotland, surrounded by large, unpopulated landscapes, has made me very aware of space and how powerful it can be both physically and emotionally.  What captivates me in the first instance is the power of impressive and seemingly unchanging spaces.   Underlying that is an awareness of the intricate and delicate balance between the diverse elements that contribute to the overall structure of the view.

This piece is a response to my first visit to the woodland in February 2009. At that point the woodland was waiting to spring back to life after winter.  I was struck by the bare branches weaving stark patterns against the winter sky. I also noticed how those patterns were echoed – in miniature – in some of the tiny plants that cover the ground.


The structure of those tiny plants forms the starting point for these sculptures. The piece is an abstract interpretation of the interweaving systems – both natural and man-made – that have worked together to create the landscape of this woodland.


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Interventions 2009